Taking Care of Your Hands With Omy's Delicate Hands Cream

Prendre soin de ses mains avec la crème Délicate Omy

In the current situation, the combination of hand washing with soap and the use of disinfectant gel with high alcohol content * is strongly encouraged in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Too frequent hand washing or excessive use of disinfectant gel can however lead to deterioration of the hydrolipidic film found on the surface of the skin. Deterioration of this film made of water and sebum can cause skin dryness and irritation. In some people, this can even lead to a flare-up of dry type eczema, which is characterized by the presence of itchy red patches. However, a healthy hydrolipidic film is important because it plays a first line of defence-mechanism by protecting the body against pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.). Delicate hands cream by Omy has been specifically formulated to restore this thin skin film.

* The mechanism of action of soap and disinfectant gel is precisely discussed in a previous article.

The importance of maintaining the natural balance of the skin

At Omy, disinfectant gels are formulated with quality ingredients for sensitive skin in order to reduce the drying effect of the alcohol that the gels contain. Unfortunately, when hand washing or applying gel too frequent, the skin may have difficulty regaining its precious natural balance. Specifically, she may suffer from a decrease in sebum production, which prevents excessive evaporation of water from the surface of the skin. This decrease can make hands dry and rough. Another effect of this loss of sebum is the deregulation of the skin's naturally acidic pH. Soapy water, which has a rather basic pH, can also accentuate this pH deregulation. But why is it so important for the skin to maintain its acidic pH?


This characteristic is essential because it ensures the quality and balance of the skin microbiota. This microbiota is a true ecosystem made up of among other things, viruses and hundreds of different types of bacteria. This may seem very surprising, but when the skin is healthy (so that it has an adequate acid pH), the microbiota reacts by offering its protection against invasive pathogens, as if it were thanking the skin for being a "Good welcoming land"! Like little soldiers on the front line, the microorganisms in the microbiota act on the surface of the skin somewhat like a "natural antibiotic". This is why, it is important to use a quality soap and disinfectant gel and to make a judicious use of it (according to the context), so as to extract a maximum of benefits while avoiding the undesirable effects on the skin and skin microbiota.


In general, viruses can have a bad reputation because when you hear about them, they are often associated with bad news. For this reason, you might overused soapy water and disinfectant gels. Fortunately, most viruses known to date are harmless. Besides, as surprising as it may seem, some viruses are even known to be precious allies! For example, some of them can infect bacteria that are harmful to our health.


Delicate hands cream by Omy 
To meet current needs, Omy's Delicate hands cream has been specially formulated to hydrate dry skin and restore the hydrolipidic film. It can be used by both men and women. Its cucumber extract has a hydrating and soothing effect, and gives the cream a subtle fresh and natural smell.
Like many other Omy skincare products, the hand cream contains a base of hydrating and soothing aquifer water. It also has shea butter among its ingredients: in addition to calming irritations and protecting the skin against dryness, shea butter particularly promotes the regeneration of the skin barrier, which is all the more necessary in a context of frequent hand washing. Thanks to its high content of "unsaponifiables", shea butter resists soap well. It can therefore easily remain on the skin in the form of a protective film.

One of the main active ingredients in cream is ceramides. They are already naturally present and in good quantity on healthy skin, but with age, their number and their effectiveness tend to decrease. The presence of ceramides in the cream can therefore be useful. Like sebum, they maintain moisture in the skin. In addition, they act like the cement that ensures the cohesion of a brick wall: they connect dead cells to the surface of the skin. This “wall of overlapping cells” and of ceramides acts as a protective barrier against pathogens. It should also be mentioned that clinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial results of using ceramides to treat eczema.

To prevent skin aging, Argan oil is also used in hand cream as an active ingredient due to its high content of vitamin E. Recognized in Morocco as "liquid gold", it contains essential fatty acids which give the cream nourishing properties for the skin and nails.

Finally, in order to ensure safety and respect for the skin, Delicate hands cream by Omy contains a naturally occurring preservative using micro-active bacterial ferment technology. The principle of this technology is based on the presence of a microorganism called "Lactobacillus" which produces bacteriocins providing broad spectrum microbial protection. This microorganism also constrains the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying the environment in which they are found. In addition to ensuring the conservation of the cream, this postbiotic bacterial ferment offers the advantage of participating in the regulation of the precious skin microbiota.

Article written by: Sabrina Di Cintio

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