[Our] science at the service of [your] skin

At Omy Laboratoires, no detail is left to chance. From research to production, all operations are regrouped at our Canada laboratory to ensure strict quality control of our products.

Built to ISO 22716 standards, our laboratory meets the most rigorous local and international industry standards.

Research and development: a cornerstone of innovation

Composed of chemists, a doctor of pharmacy, biochemists, engineers, and formulators, the Omy R&D team is tasked with studying and selecting ingredients with proven efficacy for use in our skincare products, and developing formulations that harness their optimal benefits.

Within our minimalist formulas, each ingredient has a precise function. Their optimal concentration is established through meticulous in-house analysis. As transparency is paramount at Omy, a technical data sheet for each ingredient is available on our website.

Freshness – a guarantee of efficiency

All Omy skincare products are formulated and packaged in our laboratory; then, they are shipped directly to our customers. This ensures freshness and minimizes waste by adjusting production to demand. Personalized care products, in particular, are formulated on their shipping day. 

Offering maximum freshness enables us not only to guarantee the optimal efficacy of our ingredients, but also to avoid the use of harmful preservatives such as phenoxyethnol and parabens. Instead, we use post-biotic technologies that respect the skin microbiome to prolong the efficacy of our skincare products.

A laboratory that listens

Relying on local production isn't the only way for Omy to be close to its customers. 

A team of skin care specialists is available by appointment, for telephone or video consultations, to find the right formula for your needs, discuss the results of your SkinAI analysis or follow up on your new routine. 

Trained to deal with rare allergies and complex skin concerns, our team is able to support with diverse and unique needs. Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, our experts will help reformulate your skin care routine if it doesn't meet your expectations within 28 days. 

We favor a co-creative approach with our customers. Your questions and suggestions are always welcome. And don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to be added to our list to try future products.

Clinically tested and proven care

Vegan and cruelty-free, our products are never tested on animals. They undergo rigorous dermatological control and clinical testing in our laboratory, ensuring that they not only deliver observable results, but are also perfectly safe and compatible with sensitive skin.

The stages of our product testing

Dermatological testing 

The product is tested to ensure that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Challenge test

Products with an aqueous phase are tested to ensure they can prevent bacterial proliferation.

Microbiological test

The presence of bacteria in the product is assessed. 

Consumer test

The finished product is tested over a set period of time on a panel of consumers to validate its effectiveness. Before-and-after photos are taken by consumers and sent to Omy Laboratoires. 

Compatibility test

Product-packaging compatibility is assessed.

Aging test

The product is aged under both normal and extreme conditions, at -20° C and 50° C, to confirm its resistance to time and temperature changes.

Organoleptic tests

The product is tested to determine whether it remains within specified viscosity, color and odor limits.

pH testing

The product's pH is tested to determine whether it remains within a given pH range.

Efficacy testing under external dermatological control

For certain products, we carry out external efficacy tests with before-and-after photos and self-assessment questionnaires.

Ophthalmological testing

Products for the eye contour area are tested by ophthalmologists, who check that the product is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Ingredient efficacy testing

The main ingredients proposed by Omy Laboratoires are tested in vivo and in vitro to demonstrate their efficacy. These tests are also cruelty-free.

Ingredient file

Every ingredient used by Omy has a complete regulatory file, including a certificate of analysis, certifications and microbiological tests.

Ingredient study

The ingredients of each of our products are studied in line with the latest scientific advances to ensure they meet our health and environmental standards.