Change of Season: Taking Care of Your Skin this Fall

Fall is a magnificent season, marked by falling leaves, warm colors and the first signs of freshness in the air. But this season also brings its share of changes, including impacts on your skin like dehydration, dullness and seasonal acne.

The falling temperature, lower humidity and less exposure to UV rays during the fall can all have an effect on your skin. It is therefore essential to adapt your skincare routine to support your skin through fall.

The Impact of Fall on the Skin

Dehydration and increased sensitivity

With decreasing humidity in the air and cold winds, your skin can become drier and dehydrated. This can result in feelings of tightness, redness and increased sensitivity.

Spots and uneven skin tone

Autumn is often associated with a dull and tired complexion. Brown spots due to hyperpigmentation also tend to emerge in the fall, revealing an uneven skin tone.

Seasonal acne

The transition from summer to fall is also often accompanied by blemishes

and blackheads. This is due in particular to a reduction in exposure to UV rays which causes a “rebound effect” in the fall.

Adapt Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Here are our best tips for modifying your routine this fall to take good care of your skin during this colorful season.

Tip #1: Hydrate your skin deeply

A hydrating serum will help limit dehydration of your skin during the fall. Thanks to the personalization of skincare, you can add ingredient 2 to your serum to soothe your skin and ingredient 9 to deeply hydrate your skin.

Tip #2: Change your moisturizer's texture

Opt for a moisturizer with a richer texture to protect your skin from the cold. Look for ingredients such as shea butter in your cream to help seal moisture into your skin.

Tip #3: Target your blemishes with a spot treatment

With breakouts resurfacing in the fall, add a spot clearing gel to your routine to take care of seasonal acne. A local anti-acne treatment will both prevent and fade the appearance of your imperfections.

Tip #4: Exfoliate your skin regularly

Gentle exfoliation once a week with a tri-exfoliating mask will help remove dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion. This step will also help prevent the appearance of imperfections.

Tip #5: Make vitamin C your ally

Les taches brunes dues à l’exposition au soleil ont tendance à ressortir après l'été. Pour uniformiser votre teint et lui redonner de l’éclat, ajoutez une huile à la vitamine C ou encore l’ingrédient 7 dans votre sérum personnalisé. Combinez votre huile avec un gua sha, et vous avez votre routine cocooning complète!

Brown spots caused by sun exposure tend to appear after summer. To even out your complexion and restore radiance, add a vitamin C face oil or ingredient 7 to your personalized serum. Combine your face oil with a gua sha, and you have your complete pampering routine!

Tip #6: Don't neglect sun protection

Even though the days are shorter, sun protection is essential all year round. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, which are present even on cloudy days.

In short, fall can bring its fair share of skin challenges, but a proper skin care routine can help prevent common issues like dryness, sensitivity, and dullness.

By taking care of your skin with the right products and healthy habits, you can maintain radiant skin throughout this wonderful season.