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Simplify your routine with a personalized subscription: the products you love, at the best prices! Delivered for free, at the right time.

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Change your routine with the seasons, thanks to our subscription program. Our skin experts, dedicated to your well-being, provide personalized follow-ups, guaranteeing the precision of your routine! Adapt your subscription to suit your current needs.

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One subscription, many benefits

15% off for life

Enjoy a 15% discount with each renewal.

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We add special gifts to some of your orders.

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Enjoy free delivery at all times and change your delivery dates any time.


Modify your subscription and adapt your formulas according to your needs.

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Visible results in 28 days! Transform your skin with the right skincare and the consistency of a subscription. Receive your personalized skincare automatically, precisely when you need it!


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With a personalized subscription, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you'll receive your favorite skincare products when you want them, so you never run out. You'll also enjoy Omy's best-in-class benefits, including 15% off each renewal and free delivery at all times. As an additional bonus, exclusive gifts will be added to some of your orders to thank you for your loyalty!

Yes, you can! Subscription gives you the flexibility to change your order renewal date by logging into your customer account (link). You can then choose the delivery date to suit your needs, as well as the frequency at which you wish to receive your products. An email will be sent to you 7 days before the delivery date so that you can update your information. It is important to confirm any changes before the renewal date. Once the order has been placed, it will no longer be possible to make any modifications.

It's simple! From your customer account, you can add or remove items from your subscription, reschedule or skip a delivery, and update your billing and shipping information. Our customer service team can also help you customize your skincare routine and delivery frequency according to your needs. You can modify or cancel by calling our team at the number provided here: 1 877 669-7345 or by email: info@omycosmetics.com. Any modification or cancellation must be sent before the renewal date. Once the order is placed, it will no longer be possible to modify or cancel it.

When you subscribe to your favorite products renewal, you benefit from exclusive advantages, including a 15% discount on each renewal. Subscription being our most advantageous offer, it is not possible to apply any additional discount.

You certainly can! Our personalized skincare products are designed to evolve with you. Subscription is no exception! You can modify and adapt your formula at any time in your customer account. If you'd like one of our skin experts to discuss your formula with you, you can book a skin consultation at your convenience.