Multi-Action Eye Contour Cream
Images des résultats avant et après sur les cernes et les rides d&
Images des résultat avant et après d&
Texture de la crème contour des yeux Multi-action Omy Laboratoires étalée sur un fond blanc.
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Multi-Action Eye Contour Cream with peptides works on both signs of aging and fatigue.

15ml - 0.5 fl. oz.

Pure Face Oil – 5% Vitamin C + Squalane


Reusable Eye Patches - Good Morning

Made in Canada
Suitable for pregnancy
Satisfaction Guranteed

Formulated for the most sensitive eyes, Multi-Action Eye Contour Cream contains a 25% complex of highly effective ingredients that leave the under eye area looking fresh while smoothing the eye contour and reducing the appearance of puffiness. It is also enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid to provide a light tensor effect that relaxes the eyes. This multi-action anti-aging treatment to reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of dark circles will quickly become the best eye contour treatment you've ever tried.

Ophthalmic tested and suitable for contact lens wearers, it is also hypoallergenic. Its formula is made up of 96.8% ingredients of natural origin and is 100% vegan. This product is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and contains no parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances or retinol.

  • 100% find the product instantly hydrates
  • 93% found the product brightened the eye area
  • 83% found their eye area smoother
  • 74% felt the appearance of dark circles was reduced
  • 71% felt the appearance of puffiness was reduced*

*The Multi-Action Eye Contour Cream was trialed under ophthalmological control with a group of 21 test users aged between 22 and 72 years, testing the product for 28 days.

**The before and after images were taken as part of a study conducted by Omy Laboratoires over a 28-day period. Omy Laboratories does not modify any of the photos.

  • Apply a pea size amount of the product on the under-eye area morning and night
  • Gently pat the cream into the eye area, starting at the inner corner of the eye and working up to the temple. Do not apply to the upper eyelid
  • Tip: You can also apply this treatment locally to areas of the face that have deeper set wrinkles (for example, the lip contour or forehead)

*Note that a slight tingling sensation is normal upon application.

The eye cream container has 12x less plastic than the original version. In addition, it is made from Bonsucro sustainably sourced sugarcane bioplastic. This new container allows us to reduce a quantity of plastic equivalent to 48 plastic straws.*.

*Based on the weight reduction of each package and the average weight of a plastic straw.