Two Audacious Women Behind Omy Cosmetics

Deux femmes d'audace derrière les cosmétiques Omy Laboratoires


For a little over a year, the company began its activities by developing a range of personalized products for care and cosmetics. Thanks to this initiative of the founders Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin, consumers can find products that suit them and that really meet the needs of their skin. Omy knows how to find the right formula, using natural ingredients that respect the environment and the body.

A brilliant business idea, yes! A brand that is quietly on the dermo-cosmetics market, certainly! This rise is largely the result of a winning combination between two complementary personalities and two bold and ambitious women who had a common dream.

Spotlight on the founders of Omy Laboratories: two young entrepreneurs who take cosmetics to another level!


Andrea Gomez

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Administration, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, Andrea arrived in Quebec at the age of 17 with her family. Knowing neither the language nor the culture, she had to adapt quickly to her new home.

Already passionate about the cosmetics industry as a teenager, she worked as a part-time cosmetician for more than 7 years. She dreamed of starting her own business, which at the time was named AG Cosmetics. Visionary, determined and inspired, she has always wanted to have a positive effect in the lives of people around her.

  "I wanted to make a difference in an organization, to make my ideas heard and to                                                innovate. "

Andrea Gomez

She began her career in business management, followed by a Bachelor's degree in business administration, followed by a Master's degree in business administration in strategy and innovation at Laval University. Her business project was still in the back of her mind, she was determined to achieve it. It was through networking that she was able to get closer to this goal, and that's when she met Rachelle.

Today, she is a hard-working, accomplished young woman with strong leadership and impressive interpersonal skills. And that's just the beginning!


Rachelle Séguin

Cosmeceutical chemist, co-founder and president

Fascinated by the field of cosmetics since childhood, Rachelle already mixed bath products at the age of three to create new ones. At the age of eight, she used to pick flowers in her neighbor’s garden to make her own homemade perfume recipes. At 16, she also worked as a cosmetologist in pharmacy and also dreamed of starting her own business. She always said that one day she was going to revolutionize the world of cosmetics.

It is also because of her great curiosity that she turned to the field of science growing up to learn, understand and experiment. Her artistic and innovative side also serve her every day in the job she has chosen.

      "I naturally fell in love with this area (cosmetics), since it is the perfect combination of science and creation. For me cosmetics is an area which I find very      positive, where there is almost no limit to the imagination and where scientific principles are applied to successfully create products. "

                                      Rachelle Séguin

Her job as a part-time cosmetologist and her visit to schools made her realize that it was difficult to find a product that could really meet the skin needs of each person. She felt the best solution was that of personalization: the power to choose the right ingredients for a skin type, the fragrance and the texture. So, after creating this business project, which was originally destined to be Quartz, then Crème Création, Omy Laboratories is now here thanks to her meeting with her partner Andrea.

      " My dream? To show the science behind cosmetics, to offer quality products and offer adapted products in a transparent way. "

                                    Rachelle Séguin

Rachelle is a woman who has come a long way, but who has never stopped believing in what she can accomplish. Now owning her own business, she is dedicated to what she does, effective at what she creates and true to herself.



The recipe for their success: authenticity, a dose of creativity, a lot of audacity and a little bit of madness! Now it's up to you to meet these inspiring women and their truly unique company!


Text written by Zoé Hould-Massicotte
for Omy Laboratories