Everything You Need to Know About the Face Serum, One of Omy Cosmetics Favorites

La main d'un formulateur de soins pour la peau qui s'apprête à ajouter un ingrédient actif au sérum à l'aide d'une pipette

What is a serum?

A serum is a concentrate of active ingredients (vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, fruit acids) complementary to other facial treatments, allowing them to maximize their effectiveness. It acts in-depth and brings additional comfort to the skin. Its formulation is more liquid than a cream, in order to penetrate the skin instantly for an almost imperceptible finish. The serums do not contain any sealant ingredients (petroleum, wax, thickener). However, this result allows the serums to cross the layers of the epidermis in order to protect the skin from daily external aggressions and to slow down skin aging.

Why is it important to have a serum in your skincare routine?

Selfcare starts with skincare. The role of the serum is to prepare the skin of the face for the reception of the cream. It provides an anti-wrinkle concentrate, hydration as well as it targets individual skin problems. This anti-wrinkle treatment will have the effect of having more radiant, hydrated, and even skin. Using only day cream and/or night cream will not provide all of the skin's needs.

What types of serums are available on the market?

There is a huge selection of serums on the market. First, you can find those that target a specific problem, such as an anti-wrinkle and fine lines serum, one for acne and pores, one for dark spots, and more. Then, those specially designed for men, which will mainly target a particular problem. Then, we can find organic serums without preservatives, which contain essential oils, and which have a very limited shelf life.

When and how to use a face serum?

Ideally, the serum is used twice a day, in the morning before the day cream as well as in the evening before the night cream in order to optimize its effectiveness. However, some may prefer to apply it only in the evening. At night, the skin regenerates. However, since the serum works deeply, it is important not to apply it only in the morning. The serum is applied in a small amount (one pump) to the entire face, except the eye area. The pH around the eyes is more neutral than that of the rest of the face. We must therefore use, at this location, a product specifically for this region. It is penetrated in small movements from the center to the end of the face.

Can we have a serum from a brand other than our cream?

Yes! However, in order to optimize its effectiveness and to complement other skincare products well, it is recommended to use the same brand for moisturizers and serums. There is a synergy of action when applying two products of the same brand. This will allow action on the surface and in-depth. Also, this helps to avoid incompatibilities between the ingredients of different products.

What deserves your attention when buying a serum?

The serum is generally the most concentrated treatment with active ingredients in the skincare routine. It is important to make sure that these responses to specific skin problems for each individual. Serums containing silicones should be avoided as it penetrates less well. In addition, synthetic fragrances very often contain phthalates, recognized as endocrine disruptors that can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled due to their volatility.

The characteristics of Omy Cosmetics

The Omy anti-aging serum is innovative. Composed of 23% active ingredients, its effectiveness has been demonstrated by clinical studies and visible results after 28 days of application. It contains in particular niacinamide (or vitamin B3) at 5%. This super-vitamin has anti-aging, anti-dark spots, repairing, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, extracts of grape seed, green tea leaves, and vitamin E provide antioxidant defenses to protect the skin from environmental stress (climate, pollution, dust, etc.). Hydration is provided by a combo of high and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. Hypoallergenic, non-irritant, ideal for sensitive skin, and tested under dermatological control, Omy serum is suitable for all skin types. Plus, it's vegan and formulated with 97% natural ingredients. It contains synthetic preservatives (benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid & sorbic acid). The Omy serum allows you to work on three issues simultaneously, namely Ac (Acne), Ta (Spots and radiance), Ro (Redness), In (Sensitivity), Se (Sebum and blackheads), Fe (Firmness), Ox (Fine lines) and Hy (Dry skin / Atopy). Give your skin a little love. To try it is to adopt it.