The Omy Cosmetics Routine : What is it?

La routine Omy Laboratoires: qu’est-ce que c’est?

We offer a beauty routine to make you feel good about yourself. If you start the day with us, you are certain to start it well and finish it well. With our formulas made of natural ingredients, your skin will not be irritated and will be ready to give you its finest radiance. Using Omy Laboratories products also avoids worrying about ingredients and their effectiveness. Choosing Omy Laboratories is a responsible choice. We are committed to limiting our packaging and making our products 100% vegan.

So, to start the day, start by washing your skin with a good mild cleanser (no irritant or perfume). After that, you can put aquifer water  on your face, allowing your skin to calm down, lessen any irritation and prepare it for hydration. In fact, this Canadian aquifer mineral water has 12 essential minerals, including strontium, calcium and magnesium. You can, at your choice, use our customized serum to give your skin all the elements to be beautifully healthy. As a result of this, before adding make-up, you can apply your day cream.

To end the day in style, the ideal is to remove your make-up, wash your face with a good soap, apply the aquifer water, serum and night cream. Your skin will be grateful and thank you for it. The features of your face will be rested with a fresh complexion the next day!

You can also use aquifer water after make-up to set it.

Omy Laboratories products are made for you in your interests and for your needs.