SkinIA : Artificial Intelligence for Your Skin, by Omy

SkinIA par Omy: l’intelligence artificielle au service de la peau

Artificial intelligence, commonly called AI (or IA in French), is a technology that involves implementing a number of techniques to imitate human intelligence. Thus, a program or an application can act as a leading role or assistant in any process, regardless of the field of application.

An exclusive innovation at Omy

Omy laboratories are innovative by using this revolutionary concept and adapting it to the world of dermo-cosmetics. SkinIA, which takes its name from the first letters of its technology (Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Artificielle in French), is an exclusive feature of Omy, the first company in the world to use this technique to help clients understand their skin. Developed in collaboration with dermatologists, SkinIA was created to help customers identify ingredients with proven effectiveness that their skin needs.

Thanks to this new form of virtual assistance, choosing the ingredients for your creams has never have been easier. In less than 5 minutes, it is possible to carry out an online consultation, without going anywhere, and come out with a comprehensive analysis accompanied by the personalized products suggested.

Skin type, textures, skin concerns (shine, acne, blackheads, irritation, sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis, dehydration, rosacea and wrinkles) and fragrance preference will be required. This cutaneous analysis technology allows you to complete your profile with a simple photo or a short questionnaire. Simple and efficient!

Throughout the process, advice and information are provided to facilitate decision-making. At the end of this consultation, you will learn more about the priority ingredients and their benefits, but also about the ideal range of products to integrate into your routine. You can always change some elements of the formula at the very end before clicking on the shopping cart, if you wish. Whether for you or to offer products as a gift, SkinIA is here to help you!

Now it’s your turn to try it, begin your consultation!

A well-thought out idea, signed Omy Laboratories.