Personalized Skin Care, Yes, Also Made for Men

Les soins sur mesure Omy, aussi adaptés pour les hommes

At Omy, skincare has the advantage of being tailor-made to meet the needs of each skin type. One of the major characteristics of men's skin is the dominant presence of androgens. Androgens are the male sex hormones. Among the androgens, testosterone is the most important hormone. Women also make testosterone, but in comparison, men produce ten times more. The skin of women is rather dominated by the presence of estrogens, which as you will understand, are the female sex hormones. But why is it so important to focus on androgens, and more specifically testosterone, in men's skincare? Precisely because these hormones play a role of great importance in the skin problems most likely to concern them. The Omy tailor-made treatments adapted to these needs are presented below.

Men's skin
Although each skin is unique, androgens generally tend to make the skin oily, more hairy and to make the skin pores more visible and enlarged. Due to the testosterone that stimulates sebum production, men may have a tendency to suffer from acne-prone skin. Sebum is useful for protecting the skin, but when it is in excess, it can prove to be a breeding ground for the proliferation of certain bacteria such as Proprionibacterium acnes or Cutibacterium acnes. Such a combination of factors can thus favour the appearance of acne. In return, testosterone can also play a protective role for the skin by stimulating the formation of a skin protein called "collagen". The epidermis of men contains more collagen than that of women. Many women could be jealous of it, because it promotes the youthfulness of the skin, in particular by providing it with firmness and hydration.
Custom face cream
At Omy, when formulating your personalized products, the concerns of each person are targeted to create a unique formula among more than 4,000 possibilities. In order to help you clearly identify your skin needs, our SkinIA artificial intelligence service or a telephone assessment are offered to you.

Here are some examples of active ingredients often coveted by men (other active ingredients will also be presented later):

  • The active ingredient Ac is an extract of natural origin from the flowers, leaves or stems of the great willow-herb, a plant that grows right here in Canada. This one is particularly appreciated, since it fights acne thanks to its many antibacterial molecules.
  • The active ingredient Se, on the other hand, is an extract of natural origin from the leaves of the lemon myrtle tree. It can be suggested in your the formula of the tailor-made cream, because it is recognized for its sebum-regulating action. It can therefore help limit the excessive excretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. As a result, the pores become less visible and the skin may appear more matte.

When choosing the formula for your custom creams, it is also possible to choose from three textures: light, silky or rich. The light texture, for example, leaves no greasy finish and quickly penetrates the skin. Although it is possible to choose your cream without odour, the fragrances in the formulas are very subtle, because they are exclusively derived from plant extracts. In addition, they offer added value to products by providing benefits for the skin. Many men choose the scent of mango and soon, as of July 2020, the refreshing scent of cucumber will also be available.