Veganism in Our Society

Le véganisme dans notre société

Do you know what "vegan" really means? We hear more and more about "veganism" or "being vegan" in our societies, but the concept is still unclear. Being vegan is a real way of life, the goal here being to not consume nor use any animal derivates.

If, for a certain time, veganism seemed merely a trend or a fashion, today it has a growing place in our mentalities, in our discussions or even in our reflections. We do not always realize how this way of life is rooted in our lifestyle. To give just a few examples of this movement that is gradually gaining importance in our lives, think about meat consumption reduction, our awareness of animals or climate change issues.

Its growth and presence in our lives comes mainly from the end of a key period, that one of over-consumption. Often a question of opposition, sometimes brutal, to old habits or routines for a change. Despite we wanted, a few years ago, to consume as much as possible, today we are slowly trying to get back to basics, tuning in with our environment, and thus supporting and empowering companies to act differently. This awareness comes mainly from anchoring sustainability at the center of our lives and the need to act.

Omy Laboratories is proud to be one of the few companies that are committed to offering fully vegan products. In other words, we do not test our products on animals, and they do not contain derivatives such as gelatin or honey, for example. When you buy our products, you support strong cause to protect our environment!