Let Yourself Be Pampered With the New Personalized Omy Facial Treatment

Laissez-vous dorloter avec le nouveau soin facial personnalisé Omy

Always on the lookout for new ways to ensure the satisfaction of its customers, Omy Laboratories is adding a string to its bow and expanding its offer with the launch of its new personalized cabin treatment, commonly called facial. This sensory experience promises an unparalleled moment of relaxation, without forgetting the results from the cutaneous point of view. With its unique protocol and exclusive products, pampering yourself has never been so pleasant!

The concept of personalized cabin treatment

Lasting between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes, the personalized cabin treatment is a facial provided by one of the beauticians who are part of the distribution network of Omy products. The goal of the treatment? Make you spend a pleasant moment of relaxation while obtaining more results regarding your skin concerns.

Like the personalized products formulated by Omy, this versatile treatment targets up to three main concerns for facial care (acne, redness, pigment spots, lack of hydration, signs of aging, etc.). The difference with the treatments available on the online store, lies in the concentration of the active ingredients used, making this treatment more efficient, providing instant results. Each client receives an exclusive and fully personalized treatment according to the needs of their skin, allowing them to live the tailor-made experience at its best. The effects of the cabin treatment can include nutrient-rich and well-hydrated skin, an immediate glow and a radiant, relaxed complexion.

Getting the best out of Omy cabin treatment

To optimize the effectiveness of the Omy cabin treatment, two strategies can be adopted. The first is to perform a facial at each change of season, so once every three months. The complementary use of the personalized routine at home helps maintain and improve results. The second strategy consists of an intensive treatment, thus obtaining a cabin treatment every two weeks, for eight weeks. The objective of this strategy is to deal with a particular problem requiring more "aggressive" management.

More than 4 000 possibilities of facial treatments

If you already have your personalized Omy skincare routine, the cabin treatment has much the same characteristics. Indeed, all active ingredients, textures and smells are available in beauty salons, giving access to more than 4 000 different combinations. With the beautician, a true skin professional, you will be able to determine your personalized routine, both for cabin care and for your products at home. This synergy will optimize the benefits of the facial and continue to obtain results until the next treatment.

Did you know that in addition to the personalized products offered in a more concentrated version, some products have been developed exclusively for cabin care? To try our hibiscus massage oil, our hydrating sheet mask or the new scent of cucumber, you will have to go to one of our beauticians offering personalized cabin treatment!

Personalized cabin treatment: what does it consist of?

The Omy personalized facial is a treatment protocol that takes place in seven steps. This is a skin care routine similar to the one done at home, but in an enhanced version, where more concentrated products are used for maximum results. The experience begins with a personalized beauty consultation with the esthetician, who will work with the client to determine the optimal parameters, both for cabin treatment and for the daily routine (active ingredients, textures, smells, etc.). You can therefore leave with your unique combination of ingredients to continue the tailor-made experience at home.

1. Cleansing and removing make-up from the skin

Using Délicate mineral micellar water and Active cleansing foam, restore clean skin by removing impurities from the surface of the epidermis. This step also aims to prepare the skin for treatment.

2. Exfoliation of the face and neck

Using the triple-action exfoliating mask, in a version formulated exclusively for cabin treatments, a combination of fruit acids, enzymes and jojoba pearls allows for a mechanical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation of the face. The result is purified skin and a more uniform complexion.

3. Soothing sheet mask

Applied using a sheet mask soaked in our canadian mineral aquifer water, our top three calming actives (Ro, In, Hy) will delight your skin, leaving it soothed and hydrated. You won't want the ten-minute treat to end!

4. Personalized treatment

Thanks to the customized Omy serum, enhanced with three active ingredients chosen specifically for each client, you will observe an improvement in your skin concerns. As part of cabin care, these assets are used at a concentration of 23%, compared to your home care which has a concentration of 6%. The results will therefore not be delayed!

5. Massage and more massage of the face and neck

Discover our hibiscus massage oil, formulated exclusively for cabin treatment, this step will lead you straight to a state of well-being. Depending on the techniques used by the esthetician, the massage can have an energizing, stimulating, firming or toning effect, helping blood circulation or simply aiming at relaxation.

After the cleansing, exfoliation and modeling steps, a few sprays of mineral aquifer water can soothe and energize the skin while optimizing the benefits of the treatment.

6. Protection of the eye area

The Vaillante multi-action eye contour cream will help reduce the appearance of puffiness and bluish or brown circles, in addition to plumping the skin under the eye. It acts on the signs of aging, but also of fatigue. Blood circulation will be stimulated through the application of the treatment by means of light tapping, for an illuminated look.

7. Skin hydration

The cabin treatment ends with the hydration step in order to provide the skin with an adequate dose of water or oil, depending on its type and needs. Three textures are available for the customized day cream, which also acts as a physical barrier to retain water on the surface of the epidermis and act as a shield against external aggressions. Just like the serum, three active ingredients are added to it to act in synergy with the latter. It is also possible to add a natural essence among rose-vanilla, mango or cucumber (currently exclusive to cabin treatments), thus enhancing the sensory aspect of the treatment.

As you can see, all the products of the Omy personalized routine are included in the cabin treatment, at an active ingredients concentration higher than the one used for the take home products. Some exclusive products have also been developed specially for it, making of this facial a unique personalized experience.

Receive a personalized Omy cabin treatment

Among all of our dealers distributing Omy products, make an appointment with one of them to experience this unique and fully personalized facial:

Let yourself be seduced by this treatment with multiple benefits that meet the needs of each client thanks to the selection of optimal parameters by the beautician. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that might have not been answered in this article!