The Benefits of Mango

La crème de jour sur mesure placée devant des morceaux de mangues et de concombres

Why use mango-based cosmetics? 

Omy Cosmetics now offers a new natural essence for its customized products! The essence of mango.

Unlike the sweeter and more relaxing essence of vanilla and rose, the essence of mango is fresh and invigorating. Mango is an extremely rich fruit in polyphenols, natural antioxidants such as norathyriol, mangiferin, and resveratrol. These molecules protect your skin from free radicals, leading to premature aging.

Mangiferin is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties1. Mango is also a fruit which is very rich in vitamin C, an ingredient known for its ability to increase collagen production and unify the complexion2.

Vitamin C also fights the damage caused by UV rays. Mango is also a fruit which is very rich in different vitamins which are soothing, anti-aging and regenerative for the skin: A, B6, E, B1, K. Its components also promote better regulation of sebum.

Mango is therefore an extract that has an exquisite fragrance and sought-after properties for your skin. It is offered as a natural essence in our customized creams.


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