The Smoothing Body Cream, a Care for Every Body

Sensations of discomfort, itching and roughness caused by dry skin can affect every body. To relieve dry skin, many body creams exist on the market, each with their particularities.

The Smoothing Body Cream has been designed to hydrate, smoothe and protect the skin daily. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and atopic skin, it is ideal for all members of the family.

Everyday Skin Shield

Formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin and 100% vegan, the Smoothing Body Cream has a lipid-replenishing formula that preserves the skin's moisture barrier. 

Designed to soothe skin dryness and prevent roughness with its moisturizing and soothing ingredients, it is suitable for sensitive skin and relieves itching and tightness caused by dry skin.

Thanks to its formula designed to maintain a healthy cutaneous flora, it provides daily protection to the skin. Its adjusted pH and its probiotic technologies ensure optimal skin protection.

A Care with Multiple Benefits

Thanks to its 5 % urea content, the Smoothing Body Cream hydrates and smoothes the skin. Urea keeps skin well hydrated while shedding excess dead surface skin cells to reveal smooth, soft skin.

By combining the benefits of vitamin E and calendula extract, this moisturizer helps reinforce the natural moisture barrier of the skin, thus protecting it from external aggressions and promoting its healing in the event of skin dryness.

Thanks to the soothing properties of chamomile and calendula extract, itching and feelings of discomfort caused by dry skin are relieved. This soothing action allows the skin to regain its balance and softness.

A Multi-Use Formula

The Smoothing Body Cream is a multi-use care. Thanks to the double moisturizing and exfoliating action of urea, its formula allows it to relieve skin dryness and prevent roughness caused by dry skin. The benefits of urea have even been shown to be beneficial for treating various skin issues such as psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and l’eczema

This moisturizer can be applied to the whole body, or localized on rougher skin areas. For example, this treatment can be applied to the feet to remove the callus on the heels. Its smoothing action can also help prevent ingrown hairs caused by shaving or even improve the application of a self-tanning treatment.

A New Responsible Approach

Formerly called Dermo-Protective Body Cream, its packaging has been redesigned to minimize its environmental impact and thus offer a more ecological option. The product now comes in a fully recyclable bioplastic tube, made from sustainably sourced sugar cane.

By removing the spring from the old packaging, its recyclability is now fully ensured. This eco-responsible approach demonstrates Omy Laboratoires' commitment to protecting the environment and reducing plastic waste.

In summary, the Smoothing Body Cream offers an effective solution to relieve skin dryness and roughness. Thanks to its formula rich in moisturizing, soothing and healing ingredients, it hydrates, softens and protects the skin on a daily basis. Say goodbye to the discomfort of skin dryness and regain smooth, soft skin with Omy Laboratoires' Smoothing Body Cream.


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