How Can You Take Advantage of Your Care Products?

Comment tirer profit de ses soins?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your care products.

Please remember there is no miracle recipe! However, some products remain very effective when used properly.

Use products from the same range. These have been created and conceptualized in a complementary way, to be more efficient together. Whether this is the toner (or Omy aquifer mineral water), serum or even the customized moisturizer, adopt a routine where each treatment has been designed to complement the other. The effects will be seen all the more quickly and will be more profitable.

We have just mentioned this, but having a good routine is important. A product alone cannot do all the work. It sometimes even becomes ineffective if it is not used properly. For example, hydrated skin is not synonymous with beautiful skin if you do not remove all your make-up and do not clean it beforehand. Whether your routine is long or short, it's a choice, but some steps are still essential to your skin's health. At Omy, we offer complementary products adapted to your skin thanks to our SkinIA technology (skin analysis online).

Being constant is also key. Like any habit, it often takes a few months before setting the pace. Same thing for the benefits of the products, it often takes a few months to witness the benefits. So be patient.

All products are different and the way of applying them is also different. Take the time to read the user manual for a better application. The tips are not listed on the back for the sake of it, they are an additional help allowing you to use the products more effectively.

Finally, choose your products well. Quality products that will be adapted for you, for your skin and whose ingredients will be beneficial. (Choosing a company whose values match yours can also tip the balance