How to demystify the meaning of "hypoallergenic" in cosmetics?

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You've probably seen the word "hypoallergenic" on your products without really knowing what it means. Here is a short article to help you understand its meaning.

What does the term hypoallergenic mean?

In the cosmetics industry, the hypoallergenic term means that a product has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. Indeed, this relates to the fact that the product contains little or no sensitizing substances. However, you must be careful, since several companies claim that they offer hypoallergenic care for marketing purposes since the term is not framed by any specific reference.

Hypoallergenic care: the ideal solution for sensitive skin

At Omy, we go through a clinical dermatology laboratory to ensure that our products are truly hypoallergenic, tested under dermatological control as well as non-irritant in order to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. The first test is the HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test). This assesses the potential for irritation on contact between the skin and the product. These tests are always supervised by dermatologists. Simultaneously, a consumer test is carried out. This evaluation assesses the performance, quality, and tolerance of the product in several participants.

Sensitive skin is reactive first. In order to avoid any type of allergic reaction, our team recommends that you look for the following terms when purchasing your products: “fragrance-free”, “alcohol-free”, “essential oil-free”, “gentle skincare products”, “non-comedogenic”, “hypoallergenic” and “formulated for sensitive skin”.

Omy products are suitable for all skin types, contain the hypoallergenic label, and comply with European regulations.