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Découvrez l'eau micellaire

If there is one product present in every beauty professionals' bathrooms, it is micellar water! In this article, we are going to reveal the properties of micellar, how it works water and how to use it.

What is micellar water? :
Micellar water is a solution that cleanses, removes make-up and tones your face. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and it does not require any rinsing! These almost magical properties are based on micelles, small spherical molecular structures suspended in the product, which encapsulate the impurities that have accumulated on your face during the day.


The mi… what?
Ladies, put on your biochemists' outfit because at the end of this paragraph, you will be true micelle water professionals!


In our case, a micelle is a grouping of molecules derived from glucose, which are organized into a sphere because of their behaviour towards water. Each glucose derivative is made up of an aqueous head (which has an affinity for water) and a hydrophobic tail (which has an affinity for fat).


When several of these molecules meet, they will arrange so that their hydrophilic heads are in contact and their hydrophobic tails are grouped opposite. One way to meet this condition is to form a sphere with all the hydrophilic heads on the surface and to put hydrophobic tails at the center of their sphere. As a result, the hydrophilic heads are happy to be in contact with the aqueous medium and the hydrophobic tails are protected from water, inside the sphere.


And this is where the magic of the micelle comes in, by taking this structure, the micelles go trap in their centers impurities, sebum, sweating and dead skin!


Why use micellar water?
At Omy, we have formulated micellar water with truly awesome “magic” powers.
First of all, Delicate mineralizing micellar water is mainly composed of our mineral aquifer water. Thus, It is rich in the 12 essential minerals that characterize it. Our micellar water soothes the skin and reduces feelings of irritation.


Then, the Delicate micellar water has been specially formulated to contain a minimum of ingredients with maximum efficiency. It is formulated from only 7 ingredients and contains no oil, soap, perfume, alcohol or sulfate.


The icing on the cake: its pH is perfectly suited to our skin! No more feelings of irritation and itchy eyes!


Tips for using micellar water
You can use micellar water morning and evening, at the start of your facial routine. Its use is very simple, you just need to soak a cotton pad and make light circular movements to cleanse your face. Your skin will be perfectly cleaned when your cotton is like new. So do not hesitate to use several cotton pads for optimal results. At Omy, we take great care to respect our skin and our planet. We strongly advise you to use reusable cottons, such as our bamboo cottons, to adopt an eco-responsible behaviour.

Then, to remove your eye make-up, it is important to apply the cotton for a few seconds, to let the micellar water act. Reminder ladies: the eye contour area is very sensitive so we gently rub this region of the face!

Finally, don't forget to finish your routine with your custom facials to hydrate and nourish your skin.

The Omy bonus on micellar water:
Because we have thought of everything, and especially our beautiful planet, we have designed an eco-responsible micellar water bottle. Its glass container is durable and recyclable and even better: refillable! Yes ladies, from January 2020 you can come and fill your empty micellar water bottles in our beauty centers and pop-up shops. Omy micellar water is the solution to all those bottles thrown in the trash.
To get your Delicate mineralizing micellar waters, it's here!