5 Advantages of Using Customized Creams and Customized Cosmetics for Your Skin

5 avantages des crèmes et des cosmétiques sur mesure

At Omy Laboratories, we create customized products made in Quebec. Our objective? For everyone to find their perfect formula! Here are 5 advantages that will convince you to use our personalized products for the skin.

You target your skin’s real needs

Redness, wrinkles, oily skin, sensitivity: we all have our own skin concerns, since all skin is different. With an Omy consultant or the SkinIA virtual assistant, determine your needs and find products that meet your needs.

You’ll have active ingredients tailored to your skin’s needs

On the shelves in most shops, several products which are offered to you deal with a set of problems without really focusing on the one you want to correct. By choosing Omy, you guarantee products that are fully adapted to your skin. Each active ingredient will be chosen carefully and added to the base of your creams. Customized products just for you!

You choose the texture and degree of hydration

Depending on your skin type, you may need a light cream, a very moisturizing cream or an in-between. With Omy Laboratories, you decide which texture you prefer, i.e., what dose of hydration corresponds to your needs.

You can choose to add the Omy fragrance or not

The 100% natural, Omy fragrance, is based on rose and vanilla. You'll simply adore its indulgent notes! For those who are intolerant or who prefer fragrance free cosmetics, please remember that Omy products are also offered fragrance free.

You find the ideal shade

As far as foundation is concerned, Omy offers you choice in quantity and quality. It’s impossible to not find the color that suits you! Don’t buy two shades to mix at home; leave this step to us and leave with just one product! In addition, it is made with aloe!