Thank you for your interest in our largest winter study.

As outlined in the letter you received, we are looking for participants who have not previously incorporated personalized skincare into their routine for our comprehensive study on the effects of personalized skincare during the winter season. The available slots for this study are limited, and the deadline to participate is January 10 2024.

3 Steps to Participate

1. Assess your skin using our AI at the following link and order 3 personalized skincare products for $99 instead of $220. Alternatively, schedule an appointment with our experts for a thorough analysis.

2. Receive a pre-trial questionnaire via email.

3. After 28 days, complete a follow-up questionnaire to receive a $30 discount on your next order.

Our Personalized Skincare

Embraced by over 70,000 Canadians and adorned with numerous awards, our personalized care lies at the heart of our business. With thousands of possible combinations, each formula is freshly tailored in the lab, considering texture, scent, and ingredients. We guarantee results in less than 28 days and provide complimentary reformulation to ensure you achieve maximum results.

Our experts are here to guide you.

Omy's personalized skincare comes with personalized guidance from skin experts. We provide a complimentary reformulation service if your formula doesn't perfectly suit your skin. Our experts are also available to offer advice and address any questions you may have.

Discover Our Three Personalized Skincare Products

Personalized Day Cream

Infused with hyaluronic acid and tea extract, our personalized day cream targets your skin concerns while shielding your skin from environmental stress.

Personalized Night Cream

Formulated with plant ceramides and hyaluronic acid, the personalized night cream addresses your skin concerns and contributes to the natural skin regeneration process during your sleep.

Personalized Serum

Formulated with a high active concentration, a base of hyaluronic acid, and 5% niacinamide, the serum is designed to maximize the effectiveness of personalized ingredients.

Human beings are at the core of our work.
Our products are formulated with them and the environment in mind.






Omy, an Ecological Choice

Omy Laboratories is a certified B-Corp company. Our personalized skincare is available in a refillable format. All products are vegan and formulated with over 95% naturally derived ingredients. We have eliminated 2000 compounds from our products, including silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and more.