Your Gua Sha, made of black obsidian, a volcanic stone, is a massage tool for the face and neck that has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

With its curves that perfectly fit your face, it helps define the contours of the face, promote internal collagen production and reduce tension.

Tips & Tricks

Our Gua Sha is the perfect addition to your skin routine. Use it on clean skin after having applied either our customized serum or facial oil. Hold the tool flat against the skin. Avoid placing it perpendicular to the face. For an enhanced facial appearance, massage the stone from the bottom to the top of the face and from the center to the outside of the face.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Start by the neck and glide with light pressure in vertical movements from the base of the neck to the jaw. Avoid doing back and forth movements;
  2. Then move to the jaw and use the v-shaped end of the Gua Sha. Start from the chin and slide to the ear, holding the skin with the opposite hand. Gently massage the pressure point in front of the ear with Gua Sha to release the tension;
  3. Transition to the cheeks and slide in an ascending movement, from the hollow of the nose to the ea while holding the skin with the opposite hand;
  4. For underneath the eye, gently slide the Gua Sha from the inner corner of the eye outward to the temple while holding the skin with the opposite hand. Gently massage the temple with the Gua Sha to release tension;
  5. Move to the forehead by sliding the Gua Sha from the eyebrows to the hairline;
  6. After the massage, wash the Gua Sha with soapy water. 

For optimal results, we recommend including the Gua Sha in your daily skincare routine for, ideally, 5 minutes a day. 

Use it in the morning for an anti-puffiness effect and to restore the skin's radiance. Make sure to place the Gua Sha in the refrigerator the night before. In the evening, use it at room temperature or warm it up in lukewarm water in order to have relaxed features the next day as well as a relaxing experience before a good night of sleep.