Omy's custom skincare aims to provide you with products that are truly effective for your unique skin needs. The active ingredients in our custom skincare products allow you to create your beauty product from scratch based on your skin needs and concerns, or use our SkinIA artificial intelligence to suggest a skincare routine with skincare formulas created for you. You can also take a phone consultation with our skin experts to help you build your facial products.

Our customized skin care products allow you to choose the texture of your cream; light, silky or rich texture depending on your skin type (dry skin, normal skin, combination skin or oily skin). You will also choose the natural fragrance of your cream according to your tastes and the season. Finally, you will choose three active ingredients for your serum and face creams according to your skin concerns such as redness, spots, sebum, blackheads, dehydration, loss of firmness and inflammation. These active ingredients have anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, healing and more properties depending on what you are concerned about.