What Is a Serum For?

Pourquoi vous ne devriez pas négliger le sérum Omy?

What is a serum for?

Despite being a staple of skin care, serum is not part of many people’s care routine in the same way as cleansers or moisturizers.

Yet, its use could bring additional benefits to your skin and noticeable positive changes.

Serum is a concentrate of active ingredients which acts intensively. Often with a light finish, it is designed to quickly penetrate the epidermis and quickly show results. This facial treatment usually takes place between cleaning your skin and hydration. We add this step when we want to add a specific action and solve a well-targeted problem. For example, to reduce redness, mattify the skin, tighten pores, reduce wrinkles, add radiance, moisturize intensely, etc. However, we must be sure to know exactly what we are trying to correct, but also its origin in order to choose the right product.

At Omy, our serum contains 95% natural ingredients and 100% vegan ingredients. The serum can be used alone or applied before the customized day cream or night cream. In addition, thanks to our customized formula, you can determine the three concern that you want to target the most. This accurate treatment that will harmonize with your skin.

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