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Customized serum

You can let Skin IA choose your ingredients

SkinIA analyzes your skin and creates the formula of your products for you.

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How can you create your customized serum?

Determine the three skin problems that concern you (dryness, acne, etc.) so we will add to the formula the ingredients adapted  to your needs.

The customized moisturizing and anti-aging serum works deeply and provides extra comfort to the skin. Its high concentration of vitamin B3 and the combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid replenish the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant activity of green tea extract, grape seed extract and vitamin E protects the skin from daily external irritation (climate, pollution, stress, etc.) and restores its natural radiance.

Its ultra-light aqueous texture offers a pleasant application and fast penetration that does not leave a greasy finish.

Containing 97% natural ingredients and 100% vegan ingredients, this product is suitable for all skin types. The serum can be used alone or applied before your customized day cream or night cream. 

Complete list of ingredients for the customized serum for the customized serum

The Best Customized Serum

In what order should I apply my products?

1. Cleanse your skin with Active Cleansing Foam, then rinse. Wait 15 seconds. 
2. Apply the Delicate Mineral Micellar Water. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Spray water with Canadian mineral aquifer. Wait 15 seconds.
4. Apply the tailored serum. Wait 15 seconds.
5. Apply the Vaillante multi-action eye contour. Wait 30 seconds.
6. Apply the Custom Day Cream (or the Custom Night Cream, depending on the time of day).