Appearance in the media

September edition 2019

When cosmetics verge towards being unique

By Angélique Martel

«A personalized offer, she states, is a little like the haute couture of beauty. "Because even if there is an abundance of textures of creams or shades of foundation...continue reading  .


Ton petit look

July 10, 2019
Omy Laboratories: a local brand which creates customized products depending on your needs!

By Victoria Benoit

If I've decided to talk about it today, it's because                                                                        I really loved the concept and values of this                                                                              brand...continue reading.


CDEC Québec


June 14, 2019

Radio interview

By Morgane Viguet

Morgane Viguet welcomed Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin from Omy Laboratories, a company they founded together which personalizes facial care in front of the actual customer and online thanks to artificial intelligence technology listen to the interview.


                                                                                                    June 6, 2019

                                                                                                    5 outstanding companies                                                                                                          from the 8th season of Dans                                                                                                       l’œil du dragon 

By Lisa Marie Noël

About fifty companies tried to seduce the dragons during this eighth season, which ended on Wednesday night. Nearly $2 million has been invested by the dragons. Here is a review of the season, where we present five companies which caught our              attention...continue reading


Dans la jungle des affairesJune 3, 2019

By Réjean Gauthier 

Dans la jungle des affaires » is a radio program produced by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Réjean Gauthier welcomes Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin from Omy listen to the interview.



June 1, 2019

We have tested : Omy Laboratories' products 

By Josée Guimond 

Three weeks ago, we told you about the young company Omy Laboratories, which designs customized beauty products in Quebec. For you (and me), I tested three: the day cream, night cream, and the face serum ...continue reading


May 22, 2019 

The two dragons won over by Omy Laboratories

By Céline Fabriès

The two founders of Omy Laboratories, a customised skin care and make-up company, managed to convince three of the five dragoons on Wednesday on the program "Dans l'oeil du dragon", broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada télé, to invest in their young business. They chose two of them ... ... continue reading.


Omy Laboratoires dans l'oeil du dragonMay 22, 2019

Dans l'oeil du dragon

By ICI Radio-Canada

To watch the program, 

click here


May 17, 2019

Le Grenier

Tac Tic Marketing offers a mandate of press relations to Omy Laboratories

Tac Tic Marketing joins the Young Enterprise Scholarship Gala with a mandate for Omy Laboratories. The public relations agency Tac Tic Marketing  Tic Marketing joins forces with...continue reading


By Inno-Centre 


The first Canadian company to specialize in customised dermo-cosmetics will be on show in the program Dans l’œil du dragon...continue reading.


May 14, 2019


Omy Laboratoires will feature on «Dans l’oeil du dragon»

By Céline Fabriès

Omy Laboratoires, founded by Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Seguin, will try to convince one or more dragons to embark on the adventure during the program «Dans l’oeil du dragon» on 22 May, broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Télé, at 8 p.m....continue reading 


May 11, 2019

Local and customized 

By Josée Guimond 

I often talk to you about the importance of buying local, a question of supporting the workers here, whose creations have nothing to envy to those from elsewhere. This week, I introduce two new local businesses which are unusual as they a) offer customized products, and b) have been founded by women. Interesting, don't you think? ...continue reading


May 11, 2019


Happy in their skin in business

By Sylvie Lemieux 

Andrea Gomez left a career at Revenu Québec to start up her own business which will have an immediate impact on people's lives.  « I enjoyed working in government project management, but I soon realized that it was not easy to get things done in a big organization. Well, I've always wanted a job that would allow me to...continue reading.


May 4, 2019 

Dear skin, let me introduce you to OMY SkinIA

By Laurie Couture 

Artificial intelligence (IA in French) is becoming increasingly popular on our digital platforms. It is therefore more and more common to do business with a ...continue reading.


April 26, 2019


Evening  event of the 2019 

Young Enterprise Scholarship  : appointment on 16 May to celebrate the next generation of entrepreneurs 

By the JDQ

On May 16th, we will meet the winner of the 2019 Young Enterprise Scholarship at the large evening event at the Salle des Promotions of the Séminaire de Québec. This is the opportunity to discover the six finalists ...continue reading.


April 23, 2019 

8 gift ideas for Mother's Day 

By Marie-Anik Shoiry 

What woman doesn’t like beauty products? Pampering one’s skin with natural ingredients and quality is a must! Introduce the mums you care about to Omy Laboratories’ range of treatments. Two inspiring and passionate young women are at the head of the Quebec-based company ...continue reading


Bureau de la vie étudiante

April 23, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the 29th edition of the Student Life Gala! 

By the BVE   

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, the Office of Student Life honored many students for the 29th edition of the Student Life Gala, a celebration of extracurricular initiatives and host of the Forces AVENIR Local Final ...continue reading.


ULaval Faculté des sciences et génie

April 23, 2019


Our students stand out at the 29th Gala of Student Life 
By the department of chemical engineering  (ULaval)

The IGEM team won top honors in the Scientific Project category, while the Canoe de beton team, Chem-E-Car and Omy Laboratories were chosen to represent Laval University in the Forces AVENIR Local Final.  ...continue reading.


April 11, 2019



By Alexandra Dumont 

« I'm returning to you today with an article I was eager to put forward. I love the idea of this thriving Quebec company so I wanted to talk to you about it! It's called Omy. I'll begin by telling you the history of the company and then I'll continue with the description and my impressions on certain products ...continue reading.


April 3, 2019 

Omy Laboratories : the next generation of entrepreneurs reinvent cosmetics l

By Émilie Pelletier 

« Two years ago, Rachelle Séguin and Andrea Gomez started out in business, though they did not realize how successful their company would be sometime later. The young women at the head of Omy Laboratories, a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of personalized products, do not stop thinking big to position themselves as a leader in the field of dermo-cosmetics ...continue reading ».


La fabrique crépue

March 30, 2019

We attended the media launch of the Omy range! 

By Sophie Fortin

« On Thursday, we were fortunate enough to attend the media launch of the Omy cosmetics brand. One thing is certain, and all the people who were present will agree, it is the passion of the two founders for what they do and the message they convey. In addition to offering cosmetics which are good for the environment and for your skin...continue reading».


March 29, 2019

OMY Laboratories : research at the service of each client

By the chief scientist of the Gouvernment of Quebec 

« Rachelle Séguin, a chemist and researcher and Andréa Gomez, an MBA student in strategy and innovation, are joining forces to start their own business and offer a personalized cosmetic experience. "The methods [of marketing] [...], when you apply them in your scientific approach, [...] go forward far better," explains Rachelle ...continue reading ».


ULaval Faculté des sciences et génie
The financial and human support of graduates Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin allowed them to start a business..continue reading

March 27, 2019

Audacity and financial support: two ingredients behind OMY Laboratories

By the Faculty of Science and Engineering   (ULaval)


March 5, 2019 

5 local beauty brands to discover 

By Valérie Schiltz

« This make-up brand is based on vegan ingredients, mostly organic and not tested on animals. The extra benefit: its foundation is customizable. In fact, the big shot behind the brand, the cosmeceutical chemist Rachelle Séguin, can concoct a foundation which perfectly matches our skin in her lab in Quebec...continue reading ». 


February 26, 2019

In the minds of the entrepreneurs 

By Kim Auclair of CKRL


Listen to the interview!


Citadines Mag
4 février 2019

OMY : 

a Quebec company revolutionizes the world of cosmetics !

By Laurie Couture 

« Who has never felt lost when faced with thousands of pharmacy products? A cream for wrinkles, another for dry skin, a foundation for imperfections ... liquid, creamy, powder ... And in addition, we have access to several brands, at several prices. How do we choose without spending an endless amount of dollars? By creating our customized product! That's what the 100% Quebec company ...continue reading ». 







January 20, 2019











Unveiling the wiiners of the 7th edition of Glambition Québec

By François Cattapan

« This event, aiming to arouse interest in entrepreneurship in high school girls this year...continue reading ».


La fabrique crépue


December 22, 2018

Omy cosmetics

By Mary Lynn Kimberley Kiley

« If you're looking for the perfect last-minute gift (it can also be a gift for you, ha ha!), I have a great idea for you: a product from OMY Cosmetics ...continue reading ».



December 21, 2018


These women who dare.. – OMY Cosmetics, the dream of Andrea Gomez

By Zoé Hould-Massicotte

« Do you know the make-up brand OMY Cosmetics? I was fortunate enough the chance to talk with Andrea Gomez, co-founder of the brand...continue reading ». 


December 19, 2018

The Pierre-Delagrave Fund rewards 4 young entrepreneurs

By the Faculty of administration sciences   

« On December 8, 2017, two $10,000 scholarships from the Pierre-Delagrave Fund for Marketing Innovation were awarded to young entrepreneurs who stand out for the feasibility and innovative character ...continue reading ».


November  16, 2018

Quebec in France as part of Cosmetic 360

By Québec international

« The 6 participating companies, SiliCycle, OMY Cosmetics, Bioa3p, Groupe Optel, Juvente DC Inc (a division of CEAPRO) and Boreaceutique, were able to meet a host of potential partners ...continue reading ».


By lAELIÉS October 17, 2018
Cogito : Congratulations to the winners of the 2017-18 edition

« L'AELIÉS would like to congratulate the winners of the Cogito 2017-2018 contest. Last Friday, they and met up to ...continue reading ».


October 17, 2018

Quebec represented at the salon Cosmetic 360

Contact: Lynda Gagnon

« Three exhibitors and four companies from Quebec participated in the 4th edition of Salon Cosmetic 360, international trade show for innovations and solutions for the perfume-cosmetic sector ... continue reading ».


22 October


By PPR Syndicate

« n October 12, the Cogito 2018-2019 competition was launched. This scientific popularization contest has been organized by the AELIÉS Public Chair since 2011. The SPPRUL-CSQ was there this year as a partner of the event, in order to ...continue reading  ».


June 15, 2018

By  responsible Entrepreneurship

«  OMY customized care stood out in the Business Creation and Success Stories category by winning the 2nd prize for Commerce. Female entrepreneurs offer an ingenious approach to personalized face care in a competitive global marketplace ...continue reading ».


June 14, 2018

The OSEntreprendre Challenge honors its national winners at the 20th Grand Prix Desjardins Gala!

By Cision 

« Creativity, pride, commitment and strong emotions were on the agenda at the 20th OSEntreprendre Challenge Gala, which celebrated its national winners at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec , ...continue reading ».


June 13, 2018

Le Soleil

By Yves Therrien

« There are some 51,000 participants in the three categories of this twentieth presentation of the entrepreneurship contest in Quebec. The 34 prizes were accompanied by... continue reading  »