A Human Experience

Every person is unique, just like your skin. Omy is completely customizable skincare, designed to grow with you.

In 2019, Omy was born from the
passion of a chemistry graduate and a cosmetician, to create custom products. Our ethos is rooted in the fusion of pharmaceutical science and personalized beauty.

Using advanced diagnostics, 3D skin analysis technology, we offer a world of personalized product possibilities.

The Company's Mission

Our mission is to understand
each human in their entirety, to provide topical
responsible, healthy and personalized care for them at every stage of their lives. 

Our expertise, Science and Team

We treat skin care like a science. That's why our products really work. Our products are developed and produced in our own laboratory in Quebec City by our team of scientists.

Quality Products

Our products are carefully designed by skincare experts, with each ingredient serving a specific purpose for your real needs. In addition to being paraben, MIT, silicone and sulfate free, our cosmetics are formulated with 95% natural ingredients. Plus, the skincare products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals and environmentally friendly.

All-in-one Skin Care

Our customized skin care products can work on several issues at once (acne, spots and shine, redness, firmness, sebum and blackheads, sensitivity, dryness/atopy as well as fine lines). According to the skin analysis and your preferences, three active ingredients of plant origin are selected. This will create a highly effective multi-action skin care product for your skin.


At Omy, no matter what issues are targeted, people all pay the same price. We aim to democratize
beauty without any discrimination by making customized care accessible to every person, regardless of age or gender.

And what does Omy mean?

"O", the exclamation and astonishment, that
exaltation felt during the sensory experience;

"Om"alludes to the yogic mantra that
establishes a connection with the Earth, and reminds us of the naturalness of the products;

"my", pronounced "me," establishes a connection with the individual (me) and evokes the personalization of
each theproducts offered as well as the sense of belonging they create.

Give yourself the power to choose !

Analysez votre peau dès maintenant avec SkinIA, notre technologie d’intelligence artificielle