Rachelle Séguin et Andrea Gomez
Rachelle Séguin and Andrea Gomez, the founders of Omy Laboratories 

Omy was created from the passion of two cosmeticians for the creation of customized products. Wishing to create an original experience, the founders offer fully customizable products. Balanced and respectful of all skin types, they will meet all your cosmetic needs!

Omy's mission is to offer each customer the ability to customize and choose products that meet their needs. As well as not containing any parabens, MIT, silicone nor sulphate, Omy cosmetics are made with 95% natural ingredients. Finally, from an environmental perspective, the company is committed to limiting the packaging of all its products.

Omy is a vision, a desire for efficiency and authenticity. It is the desire to offer personalized face care adapted to the skin, in addition to prioritizing the well-being of customers through the use of natural ingredients. Omy aspires to become the world leader in customized cosmetics, giving confidence and power to its customers.

                                         And what does Omy mean?

This name first illustrates, through the "O", exclamation and astonishment, this exaltation felt during the sensory experience promoted by the company. The "Om", meanwhile, alludes to the yogic mantra which establishes a connection with the Earth, and reminds us of the naturalness of the products. Finally, the "my", pronounced "me", establishes a link with the individual (me,) and evokes the personalization of all the care offered as well as the feeling of belonging that they create.

Using 3D skin analysis technology and the expertise of two experienced cosmeticians, Omy offers you a world of possibilities. Opt for effective beauty products, 100% vegan, not tested on animals and environmentally friendly.

                                    Give yourself the power to choose!