Fini les problèmes du contour des yeux!

No More Eye Contour Problems!

No matter how hard we try to hide them with makeup, to put cold spoons under our eyes or even cucumbers, dark circles and pockets persist and are o...

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L'inflammation cutanée

Skin Inflamation

Many people have apparent skin inflammation, mainly in the central area of the face, the cheeks and nose. The majority do not even know what type ...

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Pourquoi vous ne devriez pas négliger le sérum Omy?

What Is a Serum For?

Serum is a concentrate of active ingredients which acts intensively. Often with a light finish, it is designed to quickly penetrate the epidermis a...

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Les bienfaits de la mangue

The Benefits of Mango

Vitamin C also fights the damage caused by UV rays. Mango is also a fruit which is very rich in different vitamins which are soothing, anti-aging a...

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Le véganisme dans notre société

Veganism in Our Society

Omy Cosmetics is proud to be one of the few companies that are committed to offering fully vegan products. In other words, we do not test our produ...

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Les crèmes de jour et de nuit

Day Creams and Night Creams

During sleep, the skin is more active and tends to repair what has been broken during the day. It is therefore important to adapt your care accordi...

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