How Can You Create Your Customized Foundation?

Omy's customized foundation unifies your complexion and leaves a natural, matte finish. It is suitable for all types of skin: oily, normal to combination, dry, as well as more mature skin. Its formula is non-comedogenic (does not create blackheads) and stays in place for 8 hours. Thanks to its airless pot, this foundation is ecological, hygienic and economical.

After a simple study of your skin colour, we are able to develop a suitable formula that matches your ideal shade. A free sample is then given to you for a trial of a few days. If you are satisfied, we will prepare a full-size customized Omy foundation; otherwise, we re-adapt the formula with you.

Because ecology is an important value for us, the sample is reusable and can be refilled with your full-size Omy customized foundation. Thanks to its small practical size, the sample can be transported everywhere with you for a little retouch or when travelling.

To get your customized Omy foundation sample:

  • come and meet us at one of our pop up shops. A free sample of customized foundation will be offered. A full-sized customized Omy foundation can also be directly created on site if you wish. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep updated!
  • send us a picture of yourself via our website, and we will send your sample directly to your home for only $5. Click here to order your sample.
  • visit the centers of Omy Laboratories aesthetic partners. They will be happy to make you a free sample of your Omy foundation.                                                             Don't wait any longer and treat yourself to the customized experience! 

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