Human long sleeves tee


[Be kind to yourself]

 For Mental Health Awareness Month, Omy continues its mission to understand every unique individual by launching this long sleeve shirt that gives back to the cause. With 100% of its proceeds going to, join us to spread the message about hypersensitivity and how it affects a lot of people suffering from mental health disorders.

Available in sizes XS to XXL. 

We recommend sizing up for an "oversized" look.


- Designed, Made and printed in Quebec
- Made of 100% organic cotton
- Unisex

The message [interpret in your own way]:

Hypersensitive / Human:
A common denominator in many mental health disorders, hypersensitivity is a higher than average form of sensitivity and can unfortunately lead to criticism and stigmatization by society. Every emotion is valid and is proof that we are simply human.

1/5: In Canada, 1 in 5 people live with a mental health disorder. Find this fraction on the sleeve.

1/1: For us, 1 in 1 represents the unicity and beauty of everyone, from their skin to their mental health.