Our history

Doing better for those forgotten by the dermo-cosmetics industry

There's no shortage of people forgotten by the cosmetics industry, as Rachelle Séguin and Andrea Gomez know only too well. Both skincare experts, they have many years' experience in the field as cosmeticians, where they have seen the lack of inclusion and the many blind spots in the industry.

Irritating care for sensitive skin, products with a limited range of action, lack of freshness, disappointing performance: there are many obstacles to taking proper care of skin with multiple challenges. 

Passionate about people as much as skin care, the two entrepreneurs were convinced that science and technology would open the door to real options for people sidelined by the cosmetics industry, and to more inclusive, eco-responsible practices. 

And so, Omy Laboratoires was born.

Accessible care that deliver results

Cosmeticians before becoming masters in their own respective fields – Andrea in business administration, and Rachelle in pharmaceutical science, a fulfilled chemist – they both joined forces to found the inclusive and innovative company of their dreams.

Using meticulously selected ingredients of proven efficacy, they have developed a line of personalized skin care products that target a broad spectrum of skin concerns specific to each individual, with optimal efficacy.

Transforming the skin care industry from within

By doing business its own way, Omy Laboratoires shows that it is possible to offer high-performance, affordable skin care, while putting high-quality products, health, and sustainability at the heart of its mission.

Knowing that it's not uncommon to find products on the shelves that were manufactured more than 2 years prior, Omy sets itself apart by prioritizing freshness, with personalized products formulated the same day they're shipped, and hermetically  airless refills that protect from air and light.