The well-being of people and the respect of the planet are at the heart of our mission. This translates into an involvement in the community and in environmental causes.

From the beginning, the commitment to give back came naturally:

"I believe that when you do things for the right reasons and with the desire to help, it comes naturally. In my opinion, it's so much more rewarding to give than to receive. It feels good in the heart, and that's why we decided to go into business: our main motivation is to make a difference." - Andrea Gomez, co-founder and CEO of Omy Laboratoires.

Here are some of the main causes we have contributed to since our beginnings.

Un engagement de longue date

Omy and the YWCA Quebec: a long-standing commitment

The YWCA is an organization dedicated to women and girls in precarious situations that provides a place of belonging and personal development and offers a variety of services and activities. Through the Y, participants can feel safe and secure, and aspire to develop their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

Our principal colaborations with YWCA:
- De l’ombre à la lumière, the fundraiser that makes a difference (annually)

Great fundraising evening for the YWCA Quebec to raise funds for the realization of its mission. Andrea Gomez, co-founder and general manager of Omy Laboratories, is a proud ambassador of this event.

- The comforting body oil (2019)
The Velvety Body Oil, formerly available at Omy's, donated 50% of its sale price to the YWCA Quebec ? Since the oil retailed for $39.99, $20 from each bottle sold went to the community organization.

- A gift for mom, a donation to YWCA (2020)
For Mother's Day, Omy created two gift sets to please mom (or yourself!), collecting donations that would be given to the YWCA Quebec. In total, $1,215 was donated to the YWCA Quebec through the sale of gift sets.

- Fleur de nuit Massage Oil (2021)
Worthy of a massage therapy treatment, the Fleur de nuit massage oil was launched for Valentine's Day to offer a moment of relaxation. A $5 donation was made to the YWCA for each unit sold. We gave a donation of $2,300 to the YWCA Quebec.

- Hand sanitizer donations (2021)
Because Covid-19 affects the most vulnerable and omy produced hand sanitizer at the outset of the pandemic, the company donated $2,300 worth of hand sanitizers to the organization.

Joindre ses forces contre la COVID-19

Working together to protect the population during a pandemic

Over $20,000 in disinfectant gel donations to health care facilities
Our team wanted to contribute and be involved in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) while ensuring the protection of their customers. The team of chemists from the neighboring company, Brilliant Matters, assisted them in the formulation and production of a hand sanitizing gel, a portion of which would be donated to Quebec hospitals. The gel was created in Laval University's laboratories to meet public health standards, before being approved by Health Canada's Natural Health Products and Non-Prescription Products Directorate for sale. For every unit of disinfectant gel sold, Omy donated an equivalent amount of hydroalcoholic solutions to Quebec health care institutions including the Jeffery Hale Hospital and the CHSLD des Floralies-de-Lachine in Montreal.

Inclusion at the heart of our values

Omy has always considered each human as unique and different and inclusion is at the heart of the company's values. It is with great pride that Omy has partnered with Egale Canada since 2020 to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Our key collaborations with Egale Canada:
- Giving Tuesday 2020
On Giving Tuesday, we collaborated with several influencers to donate 10% of the day's sales to Egale Canada.

- Pride Month 2021
During the month of June 2021, several offensives will be coming for Pride month.

Une maladie qui nous touche tous et toutes

Breast cancer that affects us all in some way

Our team, which cares about women's health, is touched by the impact that cancer has on each of us, on the people affected, on their entourage, on their confidence and much more. We wanted to take part in this important cause for the month of October.

Our main involvement with breast cancer victims:
- Giving Skin Care Gift Sets
Donation of gift boxes worth $500 to people affected by cancer in some way.

- Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation
5 per unit of hand cream sold during the month of October donated to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

- Participation in the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation's virtual auction
$300 value gist sets offered for donations.

- Educational Conference
Our two scientists Rachelle Séguin and Justin Riou gave a virtual conference to educate people on the ingredients to avoid in beauty products during cancer treatment.

Une espère menacée

The tragedy of forest fires

It's hard to forget the violence of the wildfires that ravaged Australia in late 2019 and the disastrous consequences that this tragedy had on koala populations.

$3 295 donated to the cause
From January 5-12, 2020, Omy has pledged to donate $15 to the Friends of the Koala Foundation for every custom product sold (day cream, night cream and serum).