If my clients are not satisfied what do I do?

You must ask your client to contact Omy so that we can make a refund. Omy products are guaranteed satisfaction.

If someone has an allergic reaction, what is the process?

You must first get your client to complete the allergy form. Subsequently you must ask your client to contact Omy so that we can make a refund.

Who makes the customized creams?

Omy takes care of all handling. So you won't have to do any handling with the creams in the salons. 

Why are customized creams a benefit to customers?

Customized creams allow the client to not have to choose which concerns they want to work on, they can all work on them all. In fact, with Omy, the client can choose up to 3 concerns therefore 3 active ingredients. For example, a woman who shows up today and wants to work on pigmented marks & acne will have to choose which of the two she prefers to work on. With Omy, she can work on both with the same product. In addition, the fact of having made-to-measure products...

Do you have odor-free treatments?

We offer the client the opportunity to choose whether or not she wants a fragrance in her facial product. So she can ask for it without fragrance or with the Omy fragrance which is made up of sweet notes of rose and some indulgent notes of vanilla. It is a natural fragrance, since only plant extracts of rose and vanilla are used.

If I advise a client but she ends up not buying from me but places an order online, am I losing out?

With Omy you are never a loser because even if customers buy their customized products online, you will receive the margin associated with the advice you took the time to give with the bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

All our products are designed with efficiency and tolerance in mind. They are balanced and respectful of all skin types. Omy is the desire to offer personalized face care which is adapted to the skin, in addition to prioritizing the well-being of customers through the use of natural ingredients.

How does it work if I want to promote Omy products on my social networks?

You must always identify Omy Laboratories. However, Omy reserves the right to remove any images that do not correspond to Omy's values and/or image.

Is my margin calculated before or after taxes?

Your margin is calculated before taxes.

Does Omy give us notice in the event of a termination of the fee?

Omy is committed to warning you if there is a problematic situation. If the situation persists, Omy would be required to terminate the agreement within 30 days. Also, Omy reserves the right to verify sales and may at any time cancel a fixed fee if the methods are not followed, if there are customer complaints, if the payments are late and if the samples are used for sales or for people who are not potential customers.

What do I need to distribute Omy products in my salon?

Depending on the package you choose, you will need knowledge and facilities to perform skincare and do make-up.

What facilities are needed?

At least one area is needed to demonstrate Omy's products. You will also need a space to do consultations care & make-up with your customers.

What happens if I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time from Omy Laboratories. If you choose to cancel your contract before the first 6 months, you will be charged a fee of 2 months. Otherwise, you will need to notify Omy at least 30 days before the end of the distribution in your salon.

What do I do when I have a broken pump or a defective product?

You must contact the person in charge of distribution in your salon on 1-877-OMY-7345 ext. 4. She will make sure to follow this up with you.

In the event of product theft, what is your role and what is ours?

Although this is an unfortunate event, Omy is not responsible for the thefts which take place in your salon. However, we invite you to contact us so that we can develop a strategy together to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

If my team needs more support or information, who should I notify? 

You need to get in touch with the person who handles the distribution in your salon. She can come to do training or provide you with the missing information. Otherwise, you can watch the training videos provided again. They normally contain everything you need to know.

How often are follow-ups done?

You can always communicate by email or telephone with the person responsible for the distribution at your salon. Otherwise, tracking can be tailored to your requests. Normally, regular monitoring should be done by Omy.

I'm thinking about changing the Omy package, can I change it at any time?

You can change your Omy package at any time to offer more service and complementary items. On the other hand, if you want to change the package to offer less services, you must give Omy 30 days' notice

Are all your products vegan?

Yes, all 100%

If I struggle to know which active ingredients to advise my client, what can I use to guide me?

In this type of situation, you must refer to the skin report - it will guide you effectively. However, if you find that your skills to recommend Omy products are not at their best, refer to Omy's video training or contact the distribution representative in your salon to help you better understand the Omy experience.

How do I pay for my subscription?

You must access the online platform to register and enter your banking information. Once this is done, a deduction of the amount corresponding to your package will be taken monthly from your account.

If an order in the salon is damaged or does not arrive, what do I do?

You must inform the person in charge of the distribution in your salon, he or she will ensure to remedy the situation.

If my client's order arrives at her house damaged or does not arrive, what do I do?

You must inform the person in charge of the distribution in your salon, he or she will ensure to remedy the situation.

Can we reimburse a customer in store?

You can only refund a customer when he or she bought the product in your salon. If it is your customer but she made an order online, she will have to contact Omy to be refunded.

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