Special Saint-Valentine vegetable oil :

Decorated with its cascade of rose petals, used since ancient Egypt for their toning and anti-aging properties, our oil is a wave of sweetness. It offers comfort with its blend of natural oils, including orchid oil and argan. It nourishes and enhances the skin on the body and dry hair. The bonus is that our special Saint Valentine's oil has an aphrodisiac fragrance. So, whether a little secret pleasure or for daily hydration, you will have every reason to love it!

No silicone, no preservatives, no mineral oil, contains 96% natural ingredients. For external use only.

Special Saint Valentine body cream:

For Saint Valentine's Day, the Omy body cream is adorned with a delicate and sensual fragrance. Enough to make heads turn, especially as it has so-called aphrodisiac notes. Naturally, our cream nourishes the skin and preserves its hydration thanks to its many oils (grape seed oil, coconut oil and sunflower seed oil ). All in all, it is a delight for the skin and for the senses that will make many people envious.

98% of ingredients of natural origin, for external use only.

Special Saint Valentine Body Scrub:

Exfoliators should be at the heart of all beauty routines. Anything extra? Our scrub has coconut oil which has soothing properties as well as sunflower seed oil  which is known to be anti-aging. In addition, a regular exfoliation stimulates renewal for more radiance, softness and comfort. For Valentine's Day, our body exfoliating scrub is more sensual and glamorous than ever, a real opportunity to think of yourself ...

65% of ingredients of organic origin, 97% of ingredients of natural origin, for external use only