Discovery Set - Day

$57 $73

Not sure which formula is right for you? Start your skin analysis right here.

The Discovery Gift Set is the perfect introduction to personalized skincare. Whether you're new to skincare or just discovering your formula, these two Omy favorites are sure to please.

The set is a total value of $95 and contains the following products:

Cleanser of your choice ($29.99 Value)

Select your facial cleanser based on your needs and preferences now! Choose between the Nutri-B5 Milk Cleanser, the Delicate Micellar Water or the Active Foam Cleanser to start your routine by cleansing your skin.

Customized Day Cream ($64.99 Value)

Omy Customized Day Cream moisturizes and protects your facial skin every day. Formulated with aquifer water from the Kootenay Rockies, it contains the minerals necessary for the skin's natural balance. Quickly absorbed, this moisturizing face cream fades dryness, brightens the complexion and leaves skin feeling soft from the first application.

Full List of Ingredients