Omy Laboratoires

Mini format for customized foundation and $5 credit


Is it tricky for you to visit one of our pop up stores, and do you dream about Omy's customized foundation?

We have thought of you!

Just upload a photo of your face onto the site.

Here are the conditions for a better result:

  •   Be exposed to natural light.
  •   Your neck and face should be uncovered
  •   You must not wear make-up.

Please be aware that the analysis remains approximate. The foundation may not be 100% adapted to your complexion because of the photo.

We will first analyze the snapshot, then we will send you by post a mini format of foundation of a color based on the photo you sent us.

Not satisfied with your foundation? Do not panic! Send us a comment that tells us if you want the color to be lighter, darker, pinker or even a little yellower, and we'll send you a second sample. Be assured that our desire is to create with you the ideal foundation color for your skin!

To finish in style, with the purchase of this sample, we'll give you a $5 credit which you can apply to your next purchase of customized foundation!

P.S. - Do not throw away your sample! Its small size is handy to lug around, so you can touch up your make-up during the day. It has even been designed so that once empty, you can fill it with the contents of your full-sized foundation!