How should you take care of your skin in the fall ?

The 3 key steps for healthy skin!

Fall is fast approaching and, by the same token, a new routine for skin care. Indeed, in the summer, our face tends to be oilier (heat, moisture, perspiration) while as winter approaches, our skin gets drier (cold, wind, indoor heating). In this article we will review the basics of facial skincare to make this summer-fall transition in the best conditions!

First, let me introduce you to the three key steps in your future facial care routine (if it's not already the case): cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing, and finally looking for blemishes.

1. Cleaning

This is the basis of any beauty routine. Properly cleansing your face morning and night allows you to eliminate all the impurities which cover your skin. And between external aggression (cold, sun, wind, pollution), perspiration, makeup and small dead skin, impurities, we really need it!

That's why ladies, under no pretext, I repeat, under no pretext, must we go to bed without cleansing beforehand. Tell yourself that if make-up is your best friend during the day to enhance your natural beauty, it will be your worst enemy after dark. In fact, make-up prevents your skin from breathing well and renewing itself during -sleep. So, we must wash our faces systematically before going to bed! Your skin will thank you for it.

Omy tips:

To clean your face, choose your cleansing product carefully. It is therefore important to favor a gentle cleanser which respects the nature and pH of your skin.

For oily skin, we advise you to opt for cleansing foams. For normal skin, the use of micellar water is sufficient. Finally, for dry skin, an oil-based cleanser will be more appropriate.

2. Hydration & nutrition

Once your skin is clean, it must be moisturized and nourished. If you're wondering what's the difference between hydration and nutrition, do not panic, here's a very simple definition to remember. Hydrating your skin is like giving it water while nourishing your skin is like giving it lipids.


Essential for a balanced and healthy skin! This helps to avoid feelings of irritation and tightness, and sometimes redness. Moisturizing is an powerful ally to maintain your skin’s elasticity and keep it young. 

Omy tips: 

  • Drink water all day long. It's as old as the world for a reason: it works!
  • Use Omy's customized serum, rich in basic hyaluronic acid and high molecular weight. It allows the surface of the skin to be moisturized but also in depth, for optimal hydration!


The skin on the face is covered with a thin film of lipids, sebum, which protects it from external aggression and bacteria. As the day progresses, an imbalance is created in this film, especially for normal to dry skin, and it must be given a source of lipids.

Applying a nourishing cream thus makes it possible to enrich this famous lipidic film. At Omy, we offer creams based on vegetable oils and butters (coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter) that provide the essential lipids for your skin, so that it is reinforced and better protected against these external threats.

Omy tips:

It is important to respect your skin type and therefore choose a suitable nourishing cream. At OMY, we propose 3 different cream textures to answer this problem. So, for oily skin and acne, we suggest a light cream.

For normal skin, we prefer our silky cream and finally for dry skin, we opt for rich cream. You can also adjust the texture of your cream over the seasons and the day by opting for a light cream in summer and during the day, and a silky or rich cream in winter and at night.

3. Looking for imperfections

This is the final phase of your facial care routine. All skin is different so all facial care routine should be adapted to imperfections (blackheads, pigment spots or even fine lines), if any, of your skin.

At Omy, we let you adapt your treatments to your personal skin problems. For that, you just have to evaluate your skin with the help of our artificial intelligence SkinIA.  It will take you 3 minutes, maximum. So you have no excuse not to know your skin and treat it as it deserves.

Once your skin has been analyzed, you can combine up to 3 active ingredients to target 3 problems at the same time! And we won’t hide the fact that Omy is very proud to be offering you customized facial skincare. 

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