Hydration, essential

The wind, the cold and dry air, the heating in winter, the sun in summer and some soaps cause the skin to dry out. That said, did you know that a long shower or a hot bath are also responsible?

In fact, water alters the hydrolipidic film (protective layer of water and fat) that protects your skin. When you wash, the water partially cleans the epidermis, but at the same time it removes the minerals that are naturally present. The effectiveness of the cutaneous barrier is then reduced and the skin "pulls". Washing with soap and water without applying any cream afterwards leads to this feeling of discomfort; this is why your skin needs a creamy and moisturizing product until the protective film is reconstituted.

Omy offers a variety of facial and body treatments, such as aquifer water, which contains minerals needed to regenerate the skin barrier, as well as customized day and night  creams or body cream, which help to keep skin hydrated and healthy! 

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