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In this time of crisis and uncertainty, Omy Laboratoires' hand sanitizing gel, designed in collaboration with Brilliant Matters, is there to protect you effectively against coronavirus (COVID-19). With its antiseptic action, it kills bacteria or fungi and viruses, prevents their growth on the external surfaces of the body. Here is a little more information on its modus operandi as well as on the ingredients that compose it.

Ethanol: the main ingredient responsible for the effectiveness of the gel

Like all Omy products, the composition of the gel is minimalist: in fact, it contains only the ingredients necessary for its formulation and is perfume free. The secret of its effectiveness? It is composed of 70% ethyl alcohol (or ethanol), which has an antiseptic power at this concentration without being harmful to the skin. This ingredient is also responsible for the sensation of freshness felt when applying the hydroalcoholic gel to the hands.

What is the superpower of ethanol and its mechanism of action to effectively destroy unwanted microorganisms on the surface of the skin? It alters the proteins that make them up and dissolves lipids (or fatty acids), which have a certain affinity with alcohol and water. This is why this hand sanitizer gel is effective against most bacteria and fungi as well as many viruses.

Soap vs disinfectant gel

We observe a similar mechanism of action for soap, the manufacture of which generates molecules that are both hydrophilic (which likes water) and hydrophobic (which does not like water, you will understand! ). The part of the molecule that fears water has an affinity for fatty acids, of which the protective layer of viruses is made, and therefore comes attaches to it. This has the effect of unbalancing this membrane and altering it. A virus generally protected by a shield which finds itself "exposed" then loses its infectious power and is no longer to be feared. When you rinse your hands, the other part of the molecule that has an affinity for water then takes the inactivated virus with it.

We can say that the disinfectant gel is as effective as soap when it comes to antiseptic power. However, the gel does not clean the hands. It is undoubtedly an essential ally to avoid any risk of contamination when a person is on the move, but a good washing of the hands on the return home will eliminate all traces of microorganisms and residual dirt.

Other ingredients in the equation

The second ingredient that makes up the disinfectant gel is water, because ethanol needs a certain amount to effectively denature the proteins that make up unwanted microorganisms. He is therefore considered to be his right arm, one not acting without the other.

The second-last ingredient is glycerin, which acts as a hydrating agent by retaining water molecules on the surface of the skin. This component is responsible for the good hydration of your hands, despite the repeated use of the gel which tends to dry them.

The fourth and final ingredient is ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate / VP copolymer, a texturing agent that has the pleasant texture of hand sanitizer gel, you guessed it.

120 ml donated for 120 ml purchased

Protect yourself and help your community by purchasing this essential product starting May 4, when new units of hand sanitizer gel go on sale. For each unit of 120 ml or 250 ml sold, the equivalent of hydroalcoholic solution will be given to a health facility in the Quebec region. A small gesture for you, a great gesture for the healthcare professionals who have been at the forefront since the beginning of the crisis to take care of the population!

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