10 Things to Know About Omy Cosmetics

Here are 10 facts about Omy Cosmetics, to learn more about us and our products:

1. Customized cosmetics

Omy Laboratories is the only Canadian company offering customized products, adapted to the client, in boutiques, beauty salons and online. You can choose the fragrance, texture and active ingredients which will make up the products, depending on your taste and skin type.

2. The laboratory

It is thanks to its laboratory located in Quebec that Omy's formulation experts can create the current products and develop new ones. Their optimized manufacturing processes and the necessary equipment at their fingertips allow them to search, test and produce a high quality range.

3. 100% vegan cosmetics

Whether it's creams, foundation, body oils or exfoliators, all Omy Laboratories products are vegan. They are also made with more than 95% natural ingredients, good for the skin thanks to their various properties.

4. Aquifer water

Did you know that Omy customized care is all made with unique water? This is Canadian aquifer mineral water. This water comes from Kootenay Mountain in British Columbia and is comparable to thermal waters. What's so special about it? It has the ideal amount of ions to not dry out the skin, the ideal amount of salt and a high content of magnesium, calcium and potassium. In addition, it contains zinc and manganese, excellent natural minerals for the skin.

5. The founders

Omy Laboratories was created by two Quebec entrepreneurs, Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin. They both held part-time jobs as cosmeticians for more than 7 years before going to study at Laval University in Business Administration, Strategies and Innovations as well as in Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Sciences, respectively. At the same time, they had the dream of starting a company that would offer products adapted to the different skins and according to consumers' desires. A fruitful meeting!

6. The team is gaining momentum

Since its inception, the company has continued to grow. Several members have been added to the team, a pharmacy student who ensures that safe and effective products are offered to consumers.

7. The foundation

Did you know that Omy creates personalized foundations for each person, depending on their skin type and their preferences? More than a million colors can be created, so that everyone can find the right shade.

8. New products

The company is still in its infancy. More news awaits you. Stay tuned for upcoming activities! Omy Laboratories wants to make customized products as accessible as those found on tablets.

9. Pop up stores

Several pop up stores are on the calendar for Omy. Dates and locations are posted in advance on the company's website and social networks.

10. New service outlets

Some service outlets offering Omy Laboratories’ products already exist with local beauticians. One of the company's goals is to increase that number to offer Omy products to more people.

In addition, skin analysis technology is on the way. With only one photo uploaded on the website www.omycosmetics.com, it will be possible to analyze four parameters of the skin (wrinkles, pigmentary spots, redness and pores), to offer customers an ideal choice of ingredients to meet their skin’s needs, without having to go anywhere (available March 2019).

  Now it's your turn to try the products and be part of the large Omy family!

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